What is a Hemp Energy Drink?


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Hemp energy drinks offer a unique wellness twist on a classic caffeinated beverage. They combine the boosted physical stamina and mental alertness one expects from an energy drink with the potential wellness benefits from hemp CBD and other natural ingredients.

Traditional energy drinks often contain caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins along with other ingredients that add flavor. What makes hemp energy drinks stand out is that they are powered by a strategically selected list of natural ingredients that may increase energy levels and optimize performance without the crash and jitters typically expected from caffeinated beverages.

In addition to naturally derived caffeine, often from guarana extract and green tea, hemp energy drinks harness the potential health benefits of hemp CBD and herbal extracts. The result? An energy drink that may provide a unique wellness edge over the rest.

Hemp energy drinks are more than just a midday pick-me-up, however. Opting for a natural source of caffeine is a lifestyle choice. Yes, it’s an easy and flavorful way to possibly sustain your energy levels throughout the day. It’s also a tasty source of good-for-you ingredients that may improve performance, mood, mental health, and stamina all while satisfying your taste buds.

How Do Hemp Energy Drinks Work?

Anyone who has ever enjoyed an energy drink knows what they are designed to do, but what’s the actual science behind the increased energy and other benefits? It’s all in the carefully chosen ingredients.

The main source of energy-boosting properties comes from naturally derived caffeine, a well-known stimulant. Caffeine mainly affects the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. When consumed, it blocks the effects of chemical adenosine. This may suppress the feeling of tiredness and increase wakefulness. 

One natural yet potent source of caffeine found in hemp energy drinks is guarana extract, which contains approximately four times the amount of caffeine as coffee beans. Since it’s derived from an herbal plant, it’s also believed to have other properties, such as potential reduced fatigue and increased focus.

Hemp energy drinks often have more than one source of caffeine. Another common ingredient formulated to boost energy is green tea. In addition to gentle stimulation, green tea is associated with many proven health benefits, including its potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and antiviral properties. Reduced inflammation is especially important for athletic performance and speedy recovery from exercise.

Contrary to what the beverage name suggests, hemp energy drinks have other purposes aside from increased energy, focus, attention, and mood. Users also consume hemp energy drinks for thepotential  health benefits related to hemp CBD. Studies have shown that CBD may help manage chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and other medical conditions. 

The goal of hemp energy drinks isn’t just for a quick burst of energy. It’s a novel way to deliver a potential daily dose of sustained energy coupled with wellness benefits. With the help of natural ingredients like guarana extract and hemp CBD, hemp energy drinks may do just that.

Using Hemp Energy Drinks

So, who are hemp energy drinks for? Anyone looking for a better way to boost energy, including young professionals, athletes, and wellness aficionados, who simply desire a better, healthier way to function at their best.  

There are many scenarios where incorporating hemp energy drinks into one’s lifestyle just makes sense:

  • Before a workout for potential improved athletic performance and quicker recovery
  • Ahead of a long work day so mental performance may be optimized
  • During a slump when energy levels have naturally fallen and could use a potential boost
  • Any time the potential benefits of hemp CBD are desired
  • & Many more


Incorporating a high-quality hemp energy drink into your lifestyle is as easy as swapping a Gorilla Hemp beverage in place of your morning espresso or afternoon energy shot. The proprietary formulation combines the natural caffeine from guarana and green with the possible anti-inflammatory and potential mental health benefits of hemp CBD. 

Gorilla Hemp is more than just an energy drink — it’s a source of natural plant extracts, stimulating ingredients, powerful antioxidants, and high-quality CBD for the perfect balance between energy and overall wellness.