What Do Hemp Drinks Actually Do?


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The hemp drink is a buzzing trend in the food and beverage industry right now. Energy drinks formulated with typically beneficial CBD are especially popular among young professionals and even athletes. People want CBD products, and hemp drinks are just one vessel for this coveted ingredient.

However, when a unique product gains traction, there’s usually some confusion and misinformation surrounding it. Let’s clear the air on the common questions like “do hemp drinks get you high?” and “what do hemp drinks actually do?”

What is a Hemp Drink and What Does it Do?

CBD is a chemical compound found in hemp, which describes a variety of the Cannabis plant. What makes hemp different from other Cannabis varieties is that it’s strikingly low in another chemical compound called THC, which is what gives marijuana, for example, its psychoactive effects.

Cannabis plants have been harvested for their medicinal uses and benefits for years. However, the psychoactive side effects make them less attractive to some people. How can you possibly experience the benefits of this plant without the feeling of getting high? The answer for most is CBD derived from hemp.

If you’re worried about hemp CBD products making you feel high, most individuals can rest assured. Hemp drinks are free of THC, so they will usually not give this effect. In fact, their effects may usually all be positive due to the presence of CBD.

Hemp Juice: The Side Effects

While every hemp beverage is different, many of them share a common goal: deliver the beneficial effects of hemp-derived CBD while boosting energy, mental clarity, alertness, and cognitive performance. Hemp drinks may offer these unique physical and mental effects.

The effects of hemp drinks may have a lot to do with the brain chemistry associated with CBD. You see, CBD may help neurotransmitters bind to cannabinoid receptors within the nervous system. The activity of those receptors are responsible for a variety of bodily functions, including appetite, memory, pain, and mood to name a few. 

When you use CBD, it may enhance those activities, often resulting in reduced physical inflammation, improved mental performance, and more. This makes CBD energy drinks the perfect beverage for athletes who want to speed up recovery, working professionals who want to maximize productivity, and anyone who wants to experience the potential effects of hemp for themselves.

One particular line of hemp drinks, Gorilla Hemp CBD energy drinks, is intended to work in a unique way. Not only is it formulated with potentially cognitive-boosting CBD, it also contains naturally derived plant extracts with potent properties  related to the mind and body.

In addition to the inflammation-reducing and cognitive-boosting potential effects of CBD, Gorilla Hemp energy drinks also fuel the body with all-star ingredients like guarana extract, green tea, vitamins B6 and B12, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba. 

Guarana and green provide a jolt of energy by delivering a natural and gentle source of caffeine. This reduces fatigue, improves focus, and increases mental alertness. At the same time, other ingredients act as antioxidants that improve brain function, reduce inflammation, and promote overall well-being.