Do Hemp Energy Drinks Get You High?


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If you are new to hemp products, you may wonder, “Do hemp energy drinks get you high?” The short answer is: No. Here’s why.

Will a Cannabis Energy Drink Get You High?

To understand why hemp energy drinks do not get you high, you must understand the difference between THC vs. CBD. This explanation usually requires definitions of the following terms: hemp, Cannabis, cannabinoid, and marijuana.

Hemp is a classification of the Cannabis plant family. The term “hemp” is used to describe varieties of Cannabis that contain less than 0.3% THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol

THC is a cannabinoid, which are chemicals found in Cannabis. Some cannabinoids may get users “high” in certain amounts, while others may not.

THC is found in higher amounts of some classifications of Cannabis, such as marijuana, which may contribute to psychological and psychoactive effects associated with feelings of getting “high.” Marijuana is a classification of Cannabis varieties containing more than 0.3% THC and sometimes up to 30% THC.

Hemp, however, contains trace amounts of THC, if any. Some hemp products do not contain any THC, which typically eliminates any risk of impairment. This is why hemp energy drinks, for example, may not get you high. 

This is where CBD comes in. It stands for cannabidiol. CBD is another type of cannabinoid that occurs naturally in certain varieties of the Cannabis plant. It’s heavily associated with hemp varieties that are low in or free of THC. Unlike THC, CBD typically may not result in any psychoactive effects or mental impairment. In fact, CBD usually counteracts the effects of THC, which may make it very safe and beneficial to use for a majority of users. 

The hemp used in products like Gorilla Hemp energy drinks does not contain THC. It contains CBD that may be associated with benefits like reduced anxiety, improved sleep, increased cognition, reduced inflammation, and more. While CBD energy drinks may not get you high, they may have other effects on cognition, such as improved attention, mood, and mental performance.