7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hemp Drinks


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1. Hemp is “food” for the brain

Hemp drinks may possess a wide range of benefits related to brain health, cognition, and mental health. For these reasons, CBD is often desired as a nootropic, or cognitive enhancing, substance. It’s believed to improve mental clarity, attention, mood, and performance.

CBD oil is also a popular at-home remedy for anxiety and depression, though the scientific research is at its preliminary stages. It has even been studied for it’s potential to alleviate symptoms of some mental health disorders.

2. Hemp is beneficial due to its anti-inflammatory properties

Though widely desired for it’s anecdotal benefits related to chronic pain and mental health, hemp has other potential wellness benefits related to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Since hemp can help reduce inflammation, it could be beneficial for soothing inflammatory skin conditions like acne, irritation, and wounds. This explains the surge of CBD-enriched ointments formulated to improve skin health. Consuming hemp drinks may reduce inflammation from within.

The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp may also benefit immune health. The body’s immune system and inflammation response are related. When the body is harmed, immune cells go to work to correct that damage. In the process, symptoms of inflammation may arise. Boosting the anti-inflammatory actions of the immune system is one potential benefit of consuming hemp drinks.

3. Hemp drinks may aid weight loss

Since hemp affects the body’s metabolism, hemp drinks may result in weight loss. Scientific evidence supports CBD as a tool that can aid weight loss and prevent metabolic disorders. Hemp works by reducing the appetite, helping the body to convert and break down fat cells, burning more calories, and reducing the risk of obesity.

4. The hemp plant bears edible hemp seeds

Industrial hemp is harvested for a variety of hemp products. This includes hemp seeds, which are edible seeds that are rich in nutrients and health benefits. Some plants bear fruit or nuts, and hemp is one of them — the hemp plant bears hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are used for a variety of purposes, including hemp oil, hemp protein, hemp fabric, and more.

5. Hemp is a great plant-based protein source

Hemp has recently gained attention for its high protein content. Hemp seeds can be consumed whole, though they are often ground into a fine plant-based protein powder. A 3-tablespoon serving of hemp seeds packs nearly 10g of protein. This is a convenient and healthy way for vegetarians and vegans to get protein. It’s also popular among athletes.

The protein in hemp can also be consumed through liquids. Hemp oil and hemp beverages may also serve as a plant-based protein source.

6. Natural hemp energy drinks are a game changer

Hemp is making its way into many different product categories and markets from food to fashion to cosmetics. There’s a reason why this ingredient is so coveted — it’s packed with wellness benefits.

The next market being overtaken with hemp ingredients is that of energy drinks. Gorilla Hemp is a prime example of a CBD product that couples the benefits of hemp with the wellness properties of natural ingredients. The line of hemp energy drinks serves multiple purposes, including increased energy, focus, attention, mood, athletic performance, and more. The best part? No jitters or crashes like other energy-boosting products.

7. Hemp drinks can be enjoyed in abundance

We all know that caffeinated beverages can be addicting. The caffeine content in common foods and drinks add up quickly. Think of all the caffeine sources you may consume in a day: coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, energy shots, and so on. This explains why caffeine consumers become reliant on stimulants to stay away and have trouble falling asleep. 

Since hemp energy drinks utilize natural sources of energy-boosting ingredients, you can consume more of them to experience their benefits. Hemp energy drinks also do not contain the psychoactive compound THC, which is much different than CBD, so they do not cause mental impairment. 

Since users can enjoy in abundance, hemp energy drinks are an excellent alternative to other caffeinated drinks. They are also a tasty alternative source of nutritious hemp and other wellness-boosting ingredients.