Hemp Drinks


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Hemp Drinks: Everything You Need to Know in 2020

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what’s in their cup. In terms of beverages, some prefer sweet, bitter, plain, fruity, and so on. One type of beverage that’s quickly growing in popularity is hemp-infused. These are known as hemp drinks, and there’s a hemp drink for everyone.

To put it simply, a hemp drink is any beverage formulated with hemp-derived CBD. It’s also easy to see the appeal of hemp drinks and why they should be on your radar. The hype surrounding cannabis energy drinks has a lot to do with the potential plethora of benefits associated with CBD.

A hemp drink can be as simple as hemp water, which is a hydrating water-based drink enhanced with high-quality CBD. Other hemp drinks, such as hemp energy drinks, are multi-functional. Yes, they may provide a healthy dose of beneficial CBD, but they may also boost energy, taste great, and provide a variety of vitamins and plant extracts. 

What will be your hemp drink of choice? Take a look at the many types of hemp drinks to find out what works best for you.

The History of Hemp Drinks

If you’re relatively new to hemp and CBD products, it may be reassuring to know that hemp is not new to human civilization. Historians estimate that the hemp plant has been an important resource for civilizations for nearly 10,000 years. It’s provided food and nutrition in the form of hemp seeds, hydration in the form of hemp drinks, and even fiber since hemp is a durable and sustainable material for textiles.

Since CBD is often confused with cannabis, it was stigmatized for quite some time. In recent years, CBD products have flourished as consumers realize the potential benefits of hemp. Now, CBD is seemingly everywhere — cosmetics, oils, food and drink, clothing, etc. 

According to market research, the U.S. CBD market is estimated to reach a valuation of $22 billion by 2022. The beverage section of that market is growing, too. The CBD beverage market is projected to reach $260 million by 2022. Within that sector, hemp energy drinks are one of the fastest growing types of hemp drinks. Since they are relatively new, consumers question whether hemp energy drinks are a healthy and natural alternative to traditional caffeinated beverages.

Like all beverage types, some hemp drinks are formulated with artificial sweeteners, added sugars, and other ingredients that make some consumers weary. Our hemp drink, Gorilla Hemp, formulated one of the first natural alternatives, answering the call for a healthier hemp drink. Now, consumers can get their daily dose of caffeine and CBD in one go without questioning the healthiness and quality of the ingredients.

Who Should Drink Hemp Energy Drinks?

Anyone can enjoy hemp drinks, but they may be best suited for people looking to achieve specific goals. 

Since hemp is associated with possible cognitive benefits, hemp drinks may be a great choice for anyone who could use a mental boost. For some, this may mean overcoming mental exhaustion in order to process information more efficiently. For others, it may mean addressing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Some people may also be drawn to hemp drinks for the anti-inflammatory benefits. A lot of people struggle with skin inflammation, such as acne or dermatitis. Hemp drinks may help lessen inflammation from within. Similarly, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are desired by people who suffer from chronic pain. Anyone looking for relief from inflammation may want to try hemp drinks.

Finally, anyone who’s looking for a healthier pick me up might consider hemp drinks. Hemp drinks formulated with natural plant extracts and vitamins are kin to a wellness shot. They’re a quick and tasty way to fuel the body with good-for-you ingredients and often a jolt of caffeine to boost your day. For these reasons, working professionals and athletes are drawn to the potential wellness benefits, like increased energy, of hemp drinks.

Types of Hemp Drinks

In general, there are endless different types of drinks. You may enjoy more than one type of drink on any given day. For example, you may start your day off with a caffeinated beverage, then move on to a fruit smoothie for breakfast, chug a protein shake at the gym, and end your day with a cocktail. Similarly, hemp drinks can be broken down into different types, each with its own unique advantages and purposes.

Hemp Water​

Enhanced waters are the low-calorie solution for people who want to increase their hydration but find it difficult to drink enough water in a day. Hemp water is an example of a CBD-enhanced water beverage that makes it easy for users to reap the benefits of CBD while drinking more water. CBD sparkling waters are also a great entryway into hemp-infused beverages.

Post Workout Hemp Drinks

Hemp is an excellent source of plant-based protein, making it popular among vegetarians, vegans, athletes, and bodybuilders. Some post-workout shakes are formulated with hemp while others can be made at home by simply mixing hemp-based protein powder into liquid.

Hemp Energy Drinks

Hemp energy drinks are fast-growing, and this growth is attributed to the well properties of CBD. Since brands like Gorilla Hemp utilize all natural ingredients, hemp energy drinks may be a healthier alternative.

Cannabis Alcohol Drink

CBD cocktails are easy to make at home and impress your guests with. While alcoholic beverages aren’t traditionally thought of as a health drink, incorporating CBD may add a unique wellness flair. They’re also popping up at bars everywhere, so you can likely order one at a bar near you if you want to tiptoe into the budding world of hemp drinks.

Hemp Smoothies

Like hemp post-workout shakes, hemp smoothies are a nutrient-dense way to incorporate CBD. Since they are fruity and sweet, you won’t even notice the earthy notes of hemp. This may be the perfect hemp drink for health nuts.

Common Hemp Drink Ingredients

Every hemp drink on the market is unique, so the ingredients will differ depending on the brand, product type, and benefits associated with that beverage. The commonality between all hemp drinks is, you guessed it, hemp-derived CBD. Hemp drinks may also contain some or all of the following ingredients.


Hemp beverages that rival energy drinks often include some form of naturally derived caffeine. This can come from guarana, green tea, or other natural sources. Since hemp drinks tend to be on the natural side of beverages, caffeinated hemp drinks are gentle on the nervous system and don’t result in crashes and jitters.


Taurine is a common ingredient in conventional energy drinks and hemp-based ones. It’s an amino acid that plays several important roles in the body related to metabolism and antioxidant activity. Since it’s thought to improve mental and physical performance, it’s a staple ingredient in some hemp energy drinks.

B Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. B vitamins are especially important for energy metabolism, which explains why they’re commonly utilized in hemp drinks formulated to boost energy.


Healthy energy drink alternatives commonly turn to guarana instead of other stimulants. This plant extract is often used in products geared towards weight loss, enhanced athletic performance, increased stamina, and more. Since CBD is the latest trend in energy drinks, it’s clear to see why it’s often coupled with guarana.

Ginkgo Biloba

This plant extract may be difficult to pronounce, but it’s easy to see the benefits. It’s a popular ingredient in hemp drinks because of its many properties, such as antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, improved brain function, and reduced anxiety.

Hemp Drink FAQ

1. Are hemp drinks legal in the U.S.?

Yes, hemp drinks are legal in the U.S. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the FDA-regulated production of hemp products, which are distinguished from other Cannabis-derived products. Since hemp contains trace amounts or no THC, it is not considered a Cannabis product.

2. Are hemp drinks safe?

CBD has received GRAS status. This means they are “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA.

3. What do hemp drinks do?

Each hemp drink may have a different goal. For example, one of the goals of Gorilla Hemp energy drinks is to increase energy without jitters while also delivering brain-boosting CBD. Other hemp drinks may have goals related to nutrition, fitness, hydration, flavor, etc.