The Antioxidant Energy Drink and What’s in It


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Your daily wellness routine is sacred. Every home-brewed cup of coffee, nutrient-dense smoothie, and dose of vitamin C is a form of self-care. If you’re an avid user of caffeinated drinks, multivitamins, superfoods, and other health products, then an antioxidant energy drink may be right up your alley.

An antioxidant energy drink is the result of combining a handful of good-for-you ingredients with the energy-boosting benefits of natural caffeine. Here’s how antioxidant energy drinks stand above the rest in terms of naturally sourced ingredients, wellness-boosting antioxidants, and both mental and physical benefits.

What Are Antioxidants?

Here’s a high school science refresher to understand what antioxidants are, what they do, and why you want to make sure you’re getting enough of them on a regular basis.

Antioxidants Protect Against Free Radicals

Understanding antioxidants starts with free radicals. According to Healthline, free radicals are compounds that can cause harm to the body when their levels become too high. This leads to negative effects known as free radical damage.

Since free radicals can cause cellular damage, they have been linked to illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. They may also cause symptoms like chronic inflammation, cognitive decline, high blood pressure, and fatigue.

This process of causing cellular damage is known as oxidative stress. Medical News Today describes oxidative stress as the imbalance of free radicals and the substances that neutralize and protect against them (aka antioxidants). Without an adequate amount of antioxidants, the body is at risk of cellular damage, which may lead to infection, disease, inflammation, and many other long-term conditions.

Sources of Antioxidants

How to prevent free radical damage and oxidative stress? This is where antioxidants come into the picture. Antioxidants work by removing free radicals or stabilizing them to help limit their damage. Their role is to donate an electron to an unstable free radical molecule, making them stable and stopping cellular damage in its tracks.

Sources of antioxidants include:

  • Your body. Yes, your body has built-in antioxidant properties. However, your body may produce fewer antioxidants over time. This is why it’s so important to seek antioxidants from a variety of sources.
  • Food and drink. Fruit, vegetables, green tea, and coffee are all examples of dietary sources of antioxidants.
  • Health products. Do you ever take vitamin C supplements for immune health? If so, you’ve consumed antioxidants before. Plenty of health products like supplements, superfoods, and more contain ample antioxidants.
  • Antioxidant drinks. One of the easiest ways to boost your intake of antioxidants is slurping them down in a delicious beverage. Consuming an antioxidant drink with other benefits — energy, mental clarity, athletic performance, productivity, and more — is even better.


Who Should Consume Antioxidants?

Knowing the role of antioxidants, you may wonder if you actually need to be conscious of oxidative stress. How likely are you to experience the effects of oxidative stress and justify the need to consume antioxidants? There are several risk factors that indicate who should make it a priority to consume antioxidants.

Some risk factors are related to lifestyle, such as obesity, smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, and adopting an unhealthy diet. Other risk factors that may be out of your control include living in a polluted environment, exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins, exposure to radiation, and requiring certain medications.

Long-term oxidative stress can accelerate the body’s aging process, which means certain bodily functions become weaker and less effective. This can lead to the development of various health conditions. One way to prevent the negative effects of free radicals is by increasing your consumption of antioxidants.

Benefits of Consuming Antioxidants

Consuming antioxidants is an easy, convenient, and often tasty way to protect against free radical damage. There is a range of ways to consume antioxidants. Taking your vitamins, drinking a glass of orange juice, or eating a large salad are just a few ways to get more antioxidants into your body. Another example is stocking up on antioxidant drinks. 

Wellness drinks serve a multitude of purposes. Protein drinks, for example, are widely consumed for their concentrated amount of protein and calories. It’s much easier to drink a 16-ounce protein shake than it is to eat an entire steak. Meal replacement shakes are another example. They contain all the nutrients you need without having to cook an entire meal. 

It’s the same with antioxidant drinks. If you’re looking for a concentrated amount of antioxidants to boost your body’s natural ability to fight off disease, you can check it off your list with a quick and easy antioxidant drink as opposed to eating a big bowl of vegetables. The Mayo Clinic even recommends antioxidant-rich beverages like fruit juice, tea, and coffee. Another option? Antioxidant energy drinks that pack an antioxidant punch while also boosting your energy levels.

What is an Antioxidant Energy Drink?

If your coffee and vitamins had a baby, it would be an antioxidant energy drink. Essentially, an antioxidant energy drink is an upgrade of your daily dose of caffeine. With a base of green coffee, which is an excellent source of energy-boosting caffeine, antioxidant energy drinks like Gorilla Hemp also contain natural ingredients that encourage wellness benefits. 

Think of your typical energy drink, which has one goal — increase energy levels. Many of us wake up feeling groggy and tired, so we seek to increase our natural energy levels almost every day with the help of coffee, tea, or other form of caffeine. Humanity has learned that boosting energy is a relatively easy thing to do. Just sip a caffeinated concoction and wait for that jolt of energy to kick in. Since many people consume energy-boosting drinks on a daily basis, this is the perfect opportunity to sneak in some ingredients that could improve your well-being, such as antioxidants.

A major benefit of antioxidant energy drinks is that they are rich in antioxidants, which may protect the body against free radical damage. Since many of us are exposed to oxidative stress nearly every day, consuming antioxidants regularly is one way to encourage overall well-being. Consuming antioxidants is also a preventative measure to keep your body’s defense at its best for as long as possible.

Antioxidant Energy Drink Benefits

Simply put, an antioxidant energy drink is a completely unique type of wellness beverage that has several benefits and purposes. The main goal of an antioxidant energy drink is two-fold:


  1. Increased energy. This is a given. Like the name suggests, an antioxidant energy drink naturally increases your physical energy levels. This translates into improved athletic performance, increased stamina, and overall feeling of alertness. These drinks can also boost your mental sharpness as well, allowing you to feel more focused, alert, and productive.
  2. Health properties. An antioxidant energy drink is much more than your stereotypical energy drink. While the boost of energy is a given, the natural ingredients in a quality antioxidant energy drink make it more of a wellness cocktail. With ingredients like hemp CBD, plants rich in antioxidants, herbal extracts, and green coffee, the health properties extend beyond increased energy.


One of the main appeals of antioxidants is that they may boost your immune system, helping your body to fight off sickness. During cold and flu season, you may be familiar with the recommendation to increase intake of the antioxidant vitamin C. 

Antioxidants are also coveted for their anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation is linked to many chronic conditions. Antioxidants may help prevent and reduce inflammation, which is beneficial for overall health and well-being.

Infusing an energy drink with natural and health-promoting ingredients like antioxidants is a no-brainer. Everyone could use a pick me up during the day — why not sprinkle in some ingredients that encourage overall well-being?

How to Pick The Best Antioxidant Energy Drink

Choosing the best antioxidant energy drink for you depends on your goals. Find an antioxidant energy drink that checks all of your boxes. Here are some factors to consider when picking the best antioxidant energy drink for you:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Energy-boosting ingredients like green coffee and green tea
  • Antioxidant-rich ingredients like guarana extract, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba
  • Health-promoting properties like anti-inflammatory, improved mental alertness, alleviated anxiety, and more
  • Nutrition facts — watch out for artificial sweeteners


Energy Drink Antioxidants to Look For

How to tell if your preferred energy drink contains ample antioxidants? Here are some of the best antioxidants in energy drinks.


Guarana is a natural plant extract that dates back hundreds of years. Its medicinal properties have long been harnessed by the Guarani tribe in the Amazon. Indigenous people have used the seeds of the guarana plant to make a medicinal drink. Today, guarana is still used as medicine.

In energy drinks, guarana is a potent source of antioxidants. It’s recognized for its ability to reduce fatigue and help maintain focus, but the benefits don’t end there. It’s also rich in inflammation-fighting antioxidants. Scientific research has displayed that guarana extract has strong antioxidant and “radical-scavenging” properties.


According to WebMD, the ginseng root is one of the most popular herbal remedies in the world. When you take a look at its many benefits, it’s clear to see why it’s been used as medicinal treatment in Asian and North American countries for centuries.

One of the many appeals of ginseng is its anti-inflammatory effects, which is partly due to its potent antioxidant content. This contributes to an improved immune system, helping your body ward off illness. Researchers are especially interested in ginseng’s effects on cold and flu. This root is also credited with improving brain function. Since the brain is susceptible to oxidative stress, it’s important to take brain health seriously and encourage healthy cognition with the help of antioxidants.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a natural plant extract known for its high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, which are two types of antioxidants. The antioxidants in ginkgo biloba as well as its other beneficial properties may improve cognitive impairment like dementia, mental conditions like anxiety, and conditions caused by oxidative stress like glaucoma. Since ginkgo biloba has strong antioxidant effects, it can help to combat the damaging effects of free radicals. 

Seeking an antioxidant energy drink like Gorilla Hemp that contains plant extracts like guarana, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba can be an excellent addition to your wellness routine.